Friday, 13 December 2013

Gift giving

Gift giving seems to be a choice topic at this time of the year, and the inbox inundated with things to buy. 

A few years back for Christmas, we were all getting lots of things(mostly not really useful or wanted), and there came the stress with finding the perfect gift for that person. 

We decided to stop the madness for adults on both sides of the family. We do a kris kringle. We each get one person allocated  to us and we are responsible for buying a gift for them within a budget.

Everyone, then usually puts a list of things that they'd like. And the giver, then goes to pick what they want to buy. And you only have to buy one gift! A win win situation really! 

These days even for the kids we might chip in towards bigger gifts from the family. I much rather do that than the kid get a whole lot of crap

My preference if you are going to give me a gift  -  give me something that I will use, or want  not something that sits in the cupboard only to be tossed out or given away. Such a waste of resources, of the materials used to make it and of the the money used to buy it. 

Or give me nothing at all, I'd be ok with that too!

How do you do gifts for adults?

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