Friday, 18 January 2013

change is never easy

Not when you are adult and especially not when you are a two and a half year old.

This morning Little Man's drop off at daycare was a disaster, marked by  resistance and tears even before we head in.

Tears continued to roll in the minutes post, even as i sat there with him.
eventually, i would leave him crying in the arms of one of the teachers.

Today was so much more acute than the day before which was Little Man's 3rd day at daycare.

And unlike his first day - where there were all smiles, today it was filled with tears.

Again, I left him crying in the arms of the teacher, and the day didn't improve.

The rest of the morning were calls to and from the centre checking on his well being.

Eventually - Daddy would need to come to the rescue and an early mark be enforced for the day.

According to Daddy's SMS post pickup was that Little Man kept telling him that he loves Daddy very much.

On my return home from work, i found a very happy little boy waiting on the driveway to give me big hugs.

Despite the events of the day, he still confirmed that he wanted to go back to preschool. 

Poor little monkey isn't adjusting well to this, what else could we try?

One thing definitely on the cards will be to  meet with the teacher to work out a transition plan for Little Man, to help him deal better with the situation.