Monday, 14 January 2013


that we finally finished the packing up on the weekend, and today the builders took over the remaining parts of the house that we had been living it.

The evidence seen through our empty bedroom.

Am very excited that we do not have to pack anymore boxes.

Did i say i was relieved... packing is fun at the beginning but by the end of the process it became TEDIOUS! What does one do with those last bits and bobs. We were getting to the stage of just shoving things into boxes...

The upside of the whole exercise was it gave us the opportunity to cull our stuff, even M was ruthless.  We applied the 12 month rule: had we used it in 12 months, and if not, it went into the charity pile or the bin depending on it's age and physical state

The planner in me did allow a small out clause and it was if the object in question was something of sentimental value we could choose to keep despite not being used - something like a Queen Scout shirt... though it has been a long while since M was a Queen Scout

I even parted with my wedding bouquet, but did take some photos of it before it went into the bin To be honest it was really quite satisfying to part with things that are not useful to us

Some things i learnt from this process;  

  • things are to be used - if not, give it away someone else can use them, no point it sitting on the shelf and gathering dust.
  • i've got to be more diligent with the filing.
  • i need to be more considered about the things we bring into our home.