Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Beach holiday at Currarong

At the end of January we went on a short holiday, partly to address the issue that we were 'homeless' for that week.

After much searching through the internet, we decided to head south. I found a 3 bed room holiday let that would give Little Man some space to run around in case our beach holiday became a wet holiday.

And as it would turn out, for the majority of the time that we were there, it was wet.

Our escape was to a little sleepy village down the south coast - Currarong. 

When i say sleepy it really was sleepy, there are two shops there - a general store and a very good fish n chip shop. There is only one road to access the village. 

Our accommodation was located close right on the on the creek, which meant quick access to the beach at low tide. A great spot for when the sun came out. 

The only thing we did really have to work out was the timing of the tides.

Another great spot that we found nearby was Callala Bay! Another awesome spot for a toddler to play in and a bad swimmer like me.

Despite the wet weather, we did get to the beach a few times. 

We also travelled up and down the princes highway to Nowra with the rain, and to the delight of Little Man,  as there was a lot of road works so lots of  construction vehicles to be seen along the way. That helped ward off cabin fever.

Another attraction we visited was the Nowra Wildlife Park - a private park. A good place to pass time with little people. Here we saw two albino echidnas, apparently they might be the only ones in captivity so we felt very privileged to see them. 

There were of course other animals and even a giant slide that was too big for Little Man to get on.

We had a lovely break away, the peace and quiet was definitely required.
Currarong definitely hit the spot for us. 

Have you a holiday spot that works well for you?

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  1. Looks like a fantastic spot (weather aside!). Glad you had a lovely time. -Aroha

  2. Even with the wet weather it still looks like a lovely place to get away and recharge at. When we need to unwind we go beach camping. There is something so rejuvenating about the ocean isn't there?

    fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT stopped by.

    1. Yes definitely rejuvenating - the sound of waves lapping on the beach does it for me.

  3. It looks so beautiful!! I'd love to have places like that just a few hours from us. Would make a great mini break

    1. We are very fortunate to have easy access to some very beAutiful spots to escape to.

  4. Great photos - it looked like a very relaxing holiday! Emily

  5. Sounds lovely! How cute are those echidnas!

  6. Glad you had some time to relax and enjoy family time. Shame about the weather. Your photos are lovely.
    Waving hello via FYBF :)

    1. Thanks! We had a great break despite the weather. Going away for holidays always feel more like holidays than if stay at home holidays.

  7. Mr Surfer and I loved the south coast when we were dating. We have still yet to go there as a family. Can't wait to go camping out there!
    Currarong looks like a great spot!

  8. The South Coast is awesome - we're always escaping their when we have the chance! We were at Callala Bay some three years ago, I think.
    Ronnie xo