Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rest is good for the soul!

A week off is just one needs to get recharged. We had been talking about a real break away post the 5 house moves we had to have.  And I especially liked the thought of escaping the impending winter due to the chilly mornings here in Sydney. 

So with the use of some frequent flyer points, we decided that Palm Cove in Far North Queensland would be perfect!

And it was a good choice. The warm weather was most agreeable to all of us! Averaging 25+ degrees whilst we were there. On the holiday agenda lazy breakfasts; hanging out on the beach; afternoon naps; beautiful vistas; watching a sunrise, catching the waves; building sandcastles; quality time with each other as we didn't have to run out the door for anything!

Reading a book was the highlight for me! But most of all the celebration of a birthday and an anniversary was very special!

Now the downside to going away on holidays is the return flight home on the plane, not sure how many of us relish the thought of a cranky active little boy, cooped up in a plane, and 3 hours feels like an eternity!
Note to self - book an earlier flight and avoid travelling during nap time!

I am feeling refreshed - ready to take on what is ahead - whatever that is.

Have you a rest break planned? Rest is good for the soul!

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Steph x