Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The R word

The dreaded R word - redundant is not a word most employes like to hear. 

Unfortunately the current economic climate lends itself to be said repeatedly in workplaces across Australia and globally.

According to wikipedia it means superfluousexceeding what is necessary. Who wants to superfluous and un-neccesary? Not I.

Unfortunately, my 'R' word came whilst we were on holidays last month, when i was informed  that my role was being eliminated and i was given my notice.

Shocked? Yes!

Gutted perhaps a more appropriate description of how i felt when i was told.

I have heard it said that everyone goes through an average of 2 or 3 redundancies in their career. I have been fortunate to date to have dodge the bullet at least once. I guess my number was up this time.

I have been warned by friends who have had the pleasure of being made redundant that the emotions will flow over the coming days and weeks. So i await for what may come.

The initial shock has subsided to give way to grief. And grief i must. 

My conversation with a friend this week about work is that we stay in the places we work not because of the company we work for but because of the people we work with.   This is so true.

Even though I am sad to leave what i have know for over a decade, sad to leave the people i have worked with; friends that i have made. 

I am ready to embrace the new doors of opportunity that will open ahead. Look out! 

Have you ever been made redundant? How did you handle it?