Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Renovations & Decision making

The countdown for when we can move home is on.  We are almost there. I cannot believe how quickly and slow everything has gone at the same time.

To be honest i am ready to move home. We all are! Little Man over the past few weeks had voiced that he wanted to go home - 'to OUR home' I sure know that feeling. 

Our experience with the renovations has been really good, with no massive blowout of the budget thankfully. 

However, one of the frustrating things through out the whole process for me has been the decision making with the interiors. Now as we all know - we have different tastes to our partners. 

To date, we have had multiple disagreements on what colour, what light etc. It is a matter of taste after all, which would  you choose light one or two?

This morning, M surprised me as i broached the subject of the front door. 

Now in previous conversations he had been of a firm opinion that it should not be painted. I on the other hand disagreed, as all of the front of the house was being repainted, and the unpainted door would look strange.

Anyhow the conversation that transpired this morning went something like this.

Me: "now about the door, it's been recommended that we get it painted, as the rest of the front is being painted. it's going to be the same colour as the garage  door."
Him: "ok"

And he continued on doing what he was doing.

I was floored! I was expecting a long discussion on this, an argument even, but not this. Perhaps i have just worn him down to see things my way!