Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Fresh Start

Spring. A new season, a fresh start.

At least restart of good habits I hope.

Last night, I headed back to Zumba for the first time. Winter had been unkind to our family, with multiple illness, and resulted in absences from Zumba.

I texted my girlfriend to ask if she was going. My own self sabotage scheme perhaps.. secretly I was hoping she wasn't, which meant that I would have to go, as I usually give her a ride.

The return text was no. I begin to think... "I am tired.. I'll start next week..." 
Justified I thought, LM has been sleeping badly, and we had a visit to the ER today. More reasons not to go.

But for some reason I seek DH input. "Zumba starts tonight, you ok if I go??" My ears hear the resounding reply of yes. Still unsure, I get changed.

It's about time to leave and the boys are doing the bedtime reading routine.
As I share with LM my plans of going, usually this is marked with "no mummy, i don't want you to go to Zumba, and followed by tears. 

Unlike every other time, the boy did initially protest, but after a promise of a hug and a kiss in bed on my return, resumed what he was doing with Daddy.

Happy to report I survived the hour long class. Actually I enjoyed it. There were a few new routines, and my level of un-coordination was clear, but I had fun! I even got to catch up with my Zumba TV star friend!

Not sure why I was self sabotaging myself... I'll be back next week.

Am working on eating better too, that's another story...

Got some new starts for Spring? 

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