Friday, 30 August 2013

My Stream of Consciousness

Em of Have a Laugh on me, wrote a post this week titled Why I'm not a stream of consciousness writer 

So here's my take on her challenge, 10 mins of my brain dumped into written words. Guess I'm not one either....

It's late, got to remember to text about Zumba class tomorrow night.
Dinner plan for the week is partially done, need to write shopping list for, hope i don't forget my list again, don't really want to go shopping multiple times!

Gee dinner went well tonight, LM seems to eat better at dinner time without an afternoon snack.

Can't believe 3 mins down already on the challenge. I type too slow....

Have to send that email to the retailer - can't believe they sent me an odd pair of shoes, I know it was on sale but a pair of shoes in two sizes??

Got to finish those exercises for design class, don't want to fall behind there.

So inspired by Life Captured workshop, now first steps. I am in love with story telling the everyday! Just have to get a plan in action. Where to start?

Need to get the paperwork for tax return done.

Oh and find those glasses, really should get the long distance ones for driving... my eyesight is getting worse.

Must find that reward chart and get LM on the schedule with toilet training. SOOO happy toilet training is progressing well, must be consistent. My goal not to have to throw out any soiled undies! 

Can't believe it's almost September, have to write post for a roomie for Probloggers - wonder who is going who can help?? Note to self - don't forget!! I probably will, must find a post it note for it. Now where is that pad of post it.

Am so happy to have done some cleaning this weekend, the study looks cleaner and I feel like I can create in here. 

Thanks Em for the inspiration! 

Flogging with Grace today.