Friday, 7 September 2012

Renovation Week 2 - Cooking meals

Into our second week of our renovations; and we are thankful that the work is progressing to schedule so far.

We are adjusting to the changes of living in a smaller space

One of these adjustment is with no oven - cooking meals requires a lot more planning  in a make shift kitchen. We have an electric frypan, an electric wok and a small portable gas burner and the BBQ of course. Not a bad set up at all.  

Some of the meals we've had todate

on the gas burner
Pasta and sausage tomato sauce

on the frypan
steak & sweet potato fries 
Rosemary Garlic pork

in the wok
Fried rice

Pretty good in terms of variety and not all one pot cooking! 
My favorite meal to date has been the rosemary garlic pork. Soo easy to do,  just add a clove or two of crushed garlic, some rosemary with  olive oil, place pork cutlets in pan and using the rosemary sprigs brush the marinade onto the cutlet.. cook and voila - dinner is served.

A tip i picked up along the way on using the frypan - is to line it with baking paper when we fry and that's reduced the mess as well as cleaning time! I  now have a 50m roll in the pantry as the benefits are well worth it.

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