Thursday, 4 October 2012

scary lion

According to the little man there is a scary lion in the house. He's just turned 28 months old, and in the last few days has been going on about being scared of the said lion.

This morning he was getting quite upset about it, so i decided to try and convince him that it doesn't exist and that it's not real. He's been to Taronga Zoo too many times to not know what a real lion looks like. So i thought it might be useful to poke fingers at the picture of the lion we have hanging on the wall. It's actually some art that Little man made.

He thought it was amusing poking the picture, but then proceeded to say there's a scary hippo - pointing to the picture next to the lion... 

Is he putting it on or is this just the right age to understand the concept of being scared??


  1. gosh!! I have no advice... my lil one hasn't been 'scared' of anything...

    maybe ask him where he sees the scary lion..

  2. I think he's just showing you what he's starting to learn about different feelings and reactions.
    One of my twins would say, "I'm sad..." for aaaages. But he wasn't. He had just learnt what it meant and wanted to "practise" it.
    Same with being scared. The twinlets pretend to be scared of lions, dinosaurs all the time, then the next second, they roar like one. Go figure :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. apparently it's in the room.
    Definitely looks like he understands what he's saying, also looks like he's doing it for a reaction too..