Saturday, 13 October 2012

Adoption on my mind

I happened to be home last friday and for whatever reason had the television on channel 9(i think). It was some morning show with david campbell and sonia kruger and they were having a panel on adoption.  

Adoption of children by famous people has certainly been on the rise or at least that it is much more publicised than before - i am sure a few names would pop into mind without much effort.

The panel consisted Deborah Lee Furness - (Hugh Jackman's wife)- who have two children through adoption, a newspaper journo and a mum with her daughter and a lady who had just recently ended her adoption journey.

One of the key themes for me out of the conversation was the anti adoption sentiment that exists in Australia.  Partly a hangover of the stolen generation and the forced adoption of the 50 and 60s. Just with the length of time it takes for someone to adopt a child in need of a loving family in Australia is so much more protracted that anywhere in the world. And hence the number of adoptions is small here in our country compared with many other developed nations in the world. 

The story of the lady who recently ended her adoption journey was heartbreaking . After eight(i think) years of being on a program waiting, she and her partner finally pulled out of the program. As i watched the program - i reflected on my own journey - typically it isn't from the time you submit the paperwork to express your interest in adoption, it really begins from the time you start trying to conceive, and when the door to adoption is opened - it really is years down the track.

The adoption journey is one fraught with emotion and heartache, my heart does goes out to those who are on waiting lists for years... and not two or three, but for five six, seven years.. before they can bring their child home.

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