Sunday, 7 February 2010

full of firsts

Every year seems to go faster than the last. And 2010 is no exception. Our January was filled with much activity - all which was good.
It was also filled with firsts - i made my first pavalova - with many thanks to Stephanie Alexander. I actually ended up making two - one which was used for australia day celebration and the second for M's birthday.

I have now created a tradition for M's birthday by taking a photo of him on the day with a glass in the air. I think i am getting better at this. We actually went away for the week - really only a few days to Mollymook. The house we rented was close to the beach, the weather was so so, but M and his parents got to get into the water each day we were there. I on the other hand only got in to my ankles. This is the second of our firsts - we went specifically on holidays with M's folks.

this comes to the final firsts for Jan and 2010 which was i actually make a card. hooray for me!
This was for M's birthday - was fun and quick - which i think i like the most about it.

on the photography front - have already fallen off the wagon, will keep perservering and see how i end up. on my bible reading front am a little behind but still making progress - am reading the gospel according to Mark at the moment. worth a read if you haven't read it. Later..