Wednesday, 30 January 2013

cohabiting with friends

We've been really blessed thus far with our house renovations. So far the builders are still ahead of schedule - though some things are not finished as yet like the kitchen and the laundry.

But the biggest blessing has been that we've had some where to live in the interim. Just shortly after Christmas, we moved into some dear friends home, whilst they were travelling to see family.

Last Friday our friends flew home and our two families have been living together for the last few days.

Neither of us have ever lived with another family before. So for first timers we are all coping so far. 

M and I are not planning to push our friendship to the limit, or even come close to the edge. They have been so gracious and generous by sharing their home with us. 

Have you ever had to move in with friends? How'd it go? Still friends?