Sunday, 30 September 2012

Renovation Week 5

5 weeks into the renovation - and we are still on schedule. The concrete was poured on last Tuesday just before the thunderstorm set in - i was really concerned that they would not get to do the pour, but it was completed unfounded.

Then the subfloor bricks were laid, and quickly things are beginning to taking shape.  They've even bricked up wall in our current kitchen - which will become our third bedroom. 

We're at the pointy end of finalising the kitchen design and it's getting very exciting..choosing benchtops, working out the fittings. Convincing M that the integrated rangehood was a smarter choice than the canopy one we had earlier chosen, and to add to it the use of opening shelving was taken on board. 

The timbers arrived over the past two days and some of the wall framing is already up. As i spoke with the foreman Rob today - i expressed to him the speed to which everything was going, so what did he do - he assured me that things will slow down... not sure i was expecting to hear that.

Anyway, as i stood in our to be new lounge room, i see a  view of the neighbours backyard that i had never seen before.. is that a good thing??

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  1. How exciting - thanks for sharing this update with us!
    Ronnie xo