Friday, 14 September 2012

time for a date...

we were very fortunate to secure a babysitter at the last minute to head out for an impromptu date last saturday night. 

Our plan was simple - dinner was courtesy of M's work - awesome! So we were going to head into town early for dinner at Jamie's Italian.

But even with the best laid plans get in early beat the queues - we got there to miss out on the first seating (we got there about 5.40pm). The wait for a table of 2 would be approx 45-60mins and we had the option of staying or going for a walk.

We opted for the latter - and found ourselves at the top of the Summit Restaurant for a drink.
Whilst both our drinks here were nice - they were pricey and small.  We probably should have headed elsewhere, but the view was good.

Finally at just before 7pm we got the call, our table was ready!!
It's always a nice feeling when you get priority access to anything albeit that we had been in the queue an hour earlier.

For entree we had the special beetroot cured salmon salad, and crispy squid. The special was good, but the squid wasn't really crispy, and was a bit of a disappointment.

However our disappointment was quickly resolved on the arrival of our mains. I had ummed and ahhed through the menu to eventually decide on the veal saltimbocca.  What a great decision i made. It was the a dish packed with so much flavour! Just as you'd expect of a Jamie Oliver dish!!
M had chosen the whole baby snapper - lovely but no comparison to the veal.

I highly recommend this dish if you ever visit the restaurant. Check it out next time you're in the area and do get there early.

We had a good night out - the rule was that we weren't allowed to talk about the renovations.. and that turned out to be a good rule. Will have to work out where to go for next date night...

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