Friday, 31 August 2012

so the dust settles

at least just in terms of our activities. Last weekend our life was filled with one thing.. PACKING. The house was filled with boxes as we emptied out the cupboards in preparation of the renovation. 
Our kitchen bench tops have always been clutter with thing, do it was a bit surreal to see it as it was. Kind of reminiscent of it when we first moved in.

We bid farewell to our old St George oven - it has been so reliable despite being older than i (now that's saying a lot). Wonder if my new oven will be that reliable?

We're thankful for the help we had - for family and friends who came to our aid. Little man was taken out for walks and to the park.

My BIG tip for packing  a house when you have toddlers is to have someone come distract your child whilst you dig into the packing.

We were all packed by 9.30pm on Sunday night, ready for early arrival of the builders to begin on Monday .

It really has been an adjustment for all of us  - as we have now lost access to Little man's play space, a full kitchen, laundry and backyard. Not that i am complaining, we have a great setup a one room -dining area, kitchen and laundry, we can cook most meals just no baking which is quite sad for me.

It's 5 days today since the start - and the rubble of the old space is being removed today, albeit with a little hitch of the skip truck breaking down in the morning. 

Little man is enjoying the plethora of different trucks that are coming to the house, and making friends with the builders working on site. It's so lovely to see his face light up with excitement as he hears the digger working in the background.

Am counting down the weeks to we have the whole space again.