Saturday, 26 March 2011

Land of the rising sun - Part 3

Japan continues to be in my prayers..
During my visit, I spent some time visiting the Tsukiji- fish market and the nearby produce markets.

I did not get to Tsukiji in the wee hours of the morning, but did get to see a lot Tuna being carted around to be sliced and diced for sale. Lots of exotic sea creatures also to be seen. It's a humming place, with carts zipping in and out at lightning speed, quite amusing to watch - as long as you are out of their way

The produce market too was interesting It's always fascinating to me the things you find - like different grades of wasabi - for 22000 yen (possibly by the kilo), but that is approx $220 - very EXPENSIVE!

Other foods like cherries and mangoes were also pricey!

Other highlights included a walk to see the imperial palace, ginza and shibuya.
Getting around was quite easy- i saw everything using public transport and walking - everything is well signed - though i have to admit, you forget how populated Tokyo can be, can be quite overwhelming

This is the pedestrian crossing at Shibuya.
Still I love the hustle and bustle of this city.