Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sydney Theatre Co

This year my girlfriend K and I decided that we'd be theatre partners together. It's been a while since i've had a subscription to the Sydney Theatre Co , so it is a real treat.

We had dinner before the play at the Hickson Rd Bistro. I had Crisp Skin Ocean Trout, Crushed Potatoes, Seared Scallop, Basil & Ramesco Sauce - very enjoyable - particularly the ramesco sauce , but i would have like the skin to be more crisp.
K had the Pumpkin & Ricotta Ravioli, Baby Peas, Lemon, Almond, Parmesan & Sage Butter - which she said was quite nice. Nice restaurant that i'd go back to.

We finish dinner about 15 mins before the play starts and this is when the fun begins - we discover that the play - in the Next room - was not on where we were - we were down on Hickson rd and the play was at the Opera House. Panic sets in and we head down the street - i suggest to K that we should catch a cab, it would have taken us 25-30 mins to get there on foot. Fortunately for us - we make it down to the Drama theatre with a minute(literally) to spare.

I have to admit that i don't recall reading the blurb about the play - though parts of it would definitely make one blush. I really enjoyed the story line - but felt that there were overplayed too many times. Not a bad start to the theatre year!

If you read this K - i had a memorable night - and very funny! :)