Friday, 6 December 2013

our lonely tree

Our Christmas tree is up, with all the sparkly baubles that attract little hands come constant reminders of "looking with your eyes only!"

But our tree is looking very lonely without presents under it. And I'm wrestling with how to resolve this 

Typically BC(before child), we would pile the presents under the tree way before Christmas eve. 

Now with a 3 year old, dare I put temptation in his way and so test his self control? And perhaps even been a cruel parent? 

The tree would look as it should with presents under it, but then potentially have to rewrap presents. Then the reality of having multiple episodes of a child breaking into presents potentially not his, is not what I'd like to endure.

Or should I just take the safe approach, and keep the presents in the cupboard till Christmas eve?

What to do? Would you take a risk or be conservative? When do you put the presents under the Christmas tree?

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