Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fear of what ifs

If you've been following my blog over the the last month or so, you may know that I was attending the Probloggers Conference on the Gold Coast. The 2 days of uninterrupted sleep was definitely a benefit of attending the conference held at the QT hotel for a sleep deprived mum. That was however not the highlight for me.  

Neither was it the delicious meals that we feasted throughout the 2 days at the QT Gold Coast, I think I put on a couple of kilos. Thankfully I went to Zumba last night!

For me the highlight of the 2 days was Darren Rowse's keynote speech.
As much as the event was geared towards blogging, my reflection on the themes of his speech is that some of it applies to life in general too.

One of the obstacles that bloggers face is the fear of what ifs...

What if no one likes me
What if i make the wrong choices
What if .....

This is true for life in general too, it is for me at least particularly when faced with activities that are unfamiliar, like change, like trying something new for the first time. Fear of the unknown.

Looking back on the last few months,  I can really relate on how fear can become an obstacle. How it can drive me to inaction and procrastination.

Having fear is not a bad thing, rather it is the action or inaction to it that is bad. Fear can be harnessed. If we're thinking of the worse that can happen, we also need to consider the benefits that can reaped as well. 

As I have found on my current self discovery journey when I have taken action despite the unknown. I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.

This isn't to say that it will be all roses, but I think I'd rather have tried and not succeed, than wonder what would have happened if I had taken action.

For me going to Progbloggers was pretty daunting; 450 attendees, of which there were  that I had communicated with and built a "relationship" with online . I only knew of one person who was going that I had met in real life. 

I could have chosen not to go to, I could have pulled the plug and stayed home. 
So glad i did go, so glad to have met some lovely people over the 2 days that I would not have otherwise crossed paths.

Quoting Darren - 'fear is a signal that something important is about to happen'
How true this is. 

I am looking forward to important things happening..
What about you, is the fear of what ifs holding you back?

More to come on what I learnt at PB 2013.

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