Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Inspiration comes

I don't know why I am surprised, but it's already half way through the term,  I am still enjoying this new season of life as a student. 

Last week in class, we had a discussion on creativity, specifically what inspires us, being that the course is to make us into masters of digital.

For some in the class inspiration comes from travel and seeing other cultures; seeing exhibitions; spending time in nature; reading magazines. Someone said people watching gave them inspiration. Another skateboarding. Another doing random things.

Now the skateboarding answer really got me thinking - my classmate said that he loved doing it because it had unlimited potential. I get that. 

My answer was a little different to that, was surfing the net, I love finding something new, a new place to visit or  seeing a technique on photography  that people use and it spurs me on to give it a go. 

There are other things that inspire me too, like watching the sky turn from blue to pink to yellow just before the sun sets. 

The discussion then turned to how we as creative people foster creativity. 
One answer for sure was the need to just do!

And so a challenge was put out there that we should do something random this week. I chose to go somewhere i had never been before. More about that another time.

Of course being at TAFE has given me more cause to be creative, doing things I've not done before or at least for a long long time. 
Here's some of the work i did in class last week.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Have you done something creative lately? Go on you know you want to. x

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