Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Spring - cultivating relationships

Spring time is a  time for spring cleaning, a time to planting, and a time to cultivate.

Which has gotten me thinking about friendships.

As I reflect on the on new friendships I have made in the last few years - having a child has created opportunities to make new friends, starting TAFE has done this too. 

Of course this place called the web and blogging have added to it.

I feel the opportunities have been created, as I have made concerted effort to put myself out there and share who I am.

Before child, few new friendships were made. This was one place that lacked investment. Perhaps due to the issue of time and feeling like I had more than enough friends. But then I also see that little time was invested in cultivating the relationships that existed.

I read this article on Simple Mom yesterday on  and found it quite insightful.
How often we get caught up in making our lives look perfect, that we fail to take hold of the opportunity to build relationships. We're too proud to invite people into our lives because we are held back by the messy house or fear that people might not like us.

Me ?

With some hindsight, this Spring, I am making effort to cultivate relationships.
This past week, I have caught up with a good old friend, by old I mean of longstanding in years, someone I grew up with. Over a coffee and a brownie of course.

It was invigorating to catch up someone who knows me well. Am already planning to meet up again soon!

What about new friends?

On Thursday I am heading to the Gold Coast to Probloggers to learn, but just as important  to meet some bloggers I have been building relationships in the last year or so. I will of course be making effort to meet new friends too!
So please say hi if you see me!

Have you made any new friends lately? What have or will you be doing to cultivate and grow your relationships?

Blogging with Jess today, it's Tuesday!

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