Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What's what under the car bonnet

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Have you ever been stuck somewhere with a flat tyre, called road service assistance to be told that the wait will be 90 minutes. So you wait impatiently and get frustrated when they turn up after 90mins, as you’re now late for your appointment.

Well, did you know that it only takes approx 15 minutes to change a tyre.

I sure didn’t until I attended a Women with Drive workshop hosted by Goodyear Autocare recently.

Women with Drive workshops are a free community service designed to educate women on the basic mechanical functioning of their vehicle and have been running for the last couple of years.
If you are like me, on most things about the car – I leave it to my other half to deal with and prior to having him around, I left it to the mechanic.  So it was due time that I got to know my car better!

The workshop is designed for women and is taught by a licensed Goodyear Autocare mechanic.

During the workshop, we were shown how to change a tyre and also things about car maintenance and car safety, including how to identify a bald tyre and knowing what's what under the car bonnet.

One other thing that I was struck by was our instructor shared a personal story about her friend’s fight with Ovarian Cancer and how it had affected them. Currently there is no early detection test, women are usually diagnosed in the late stages of the disease - when the cancer has already spread to other organs in the body. 

This year, Goodyear Autocare will be supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) – Australia’s pre-eminent ovarian cancer research body. Their aim is to raise awareness and more importantly funds for the development of a lifesaving early detection test at its Women with Drive workshops.

My top 5 learnings from the workshop:

  • To maintain your car in good working order, check the oil, water and tyre pressure monthly. Also ensure that your car is regularly serviced by a licensed mechanic.

  • Know where your car manual, tyre jack and spare tyre are located. Your manual is especially important, as it can help guide you to where things are located like where to place the tyre jack!

  • Have in the car boot – a car safety kit, a bottle of water and jumper lead with a spark arrester. The car safety is more than a first aid kit it contains a safety triangle and a high visibility safety vest.

  • If you use E10 petrol, then for every 2/3 tank of E10 use premium fuel to clean out your fuel system. It will give it a boost and help with fuel efficiency

  • If you fear being ripped off by your mechanic, when they tell you that certain car parts need to be replaced. Don’t be afraid to ask for used parts to be kept aside to check it.
  • I found the afternoon really worthwhile. I left the workshop more knowledgeable and confident about how to take care of the car. I sure don’t have to rely on the Mr so much.

    You could do this too! Free workshops are being held across Australia through to June 2014, and you can register your interest here.

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