Monday, 11 October 2010

ok i have to admit i have been very slack at blogging. Not that i have not wanted to keep this"journal" up to date, but life has simply had to be lived rather than written.

the past few months have been jam packed with actvities from travelling for work to travelling for pleasure.  I will try and record some of the most memorable events in the coming weeks. 

Let me start with our most recent trip to the US. My first tidbit - is a meal that we had in Disneyland - the happiest place on earth - so they say. I would have to admit that this is one fun place - even for us big kids. 

We had a ball - for five straight days! This included the meals too!
if you are ever in the US and need a decent meal - the cheesecake factory is a good bet. They even have great happy hour deals. And for us The Cheesecake factory at Anaheim Gardenwalk - a five minute walk from the maingate of  Disneyland was just that - reliable food.
What surprised us was the nutritional guidebook on every item on the menu! I'm not sure knowing the number of calories we were consuming was helpful or not.  Our favorite part of eating out is always dessert  - and the Chocolate Tuxedo was amazing.. chocolate mousse and mascarpone cheese! I leave you a pic to savour!