Tuesday, 11 May 2010

In Singapore

it seems to be a recurring theme. i am sure you have heard it before - time flies, so where did it go.
honestly i don't know, every weekend seems to come and go quicker than the one before..
life is busy, work is busy with travelling involved. I do have to admit that I like travelling for work, but eating alone can sometimes be fun. I get to choose what i like and have it all. some would call this gluttony. I decided while in Singapore  to head to a  restaurant  that I had been before with my colleagues. The restaurant is smack bang in orchard rd at the paragon ... named

Choosing for one does have  it's limitations you can really only have one or two dishes max in a chinese restaurant.  First up on the menu was bbq honeyed pork belly - if m had been dining with me i would have had to fight him for every piece. The flavours were perfectly balanced - not to sickly sweet and overpowering of honey and had just the right amount of charred crust. As i have been watching my carb intake - i didn't order any rice, but the sauce with hot steaming rice would have been a treat!

My next course arrived shortly and was a dish of  plump fresh scallops, stir fried with broccoli.  It was a simple dish that was perfectly cooked.

The restaurant is worth a visit if you are ever in this neck of the woods.