Sunday, 18 April 2010

hello foodies

Do you know the famous chorus that is sung in the musical Oliver -"Food, glorious food..." Well - i might say that indeed was my experience yesterday as I participated in a food photography workshop with a Billy Law at MUMU Grill Tapas Bar in Crows Nest. With my love of photography and of food - it was the perfect combination. Not only did i get to partake in a lovely meal - eight courses, i got to shoot food and meet a number of other food lovers including some famous sydney food bloggers.

So to share the food - as encouraged by new friends. Our first course was house baked breads and dips which were lovely and followed by a selection of olives.

Next to come - 15mth serrano jamon on catalan bread - this one i enjoyed

Followed by a very yummy grilled chorizo & eggplant relish. The chorizo was quite mild, but the eggplant relish was stunning. I could just have the relish alone and this is from one who doesn't really like eggplant. The next course was asparagus with spiced black beans - i didn't actually have any of this, but it did look very fresh. Then came the T Bone tagliatta with Duck Fat Potatoes together with a lovely cherry tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella and fresh oregano. This i have to say made my lunch - I love red meat and this i would certainly have again with a glass of red in hand.

To round off the lunch - our final course was a selection of desserts of which included a chocolate raspberry mole with hazlenut icecream. This was my favourite! I will certainly come back here for the food!

On the photography side, Billy shared with a number of his tips, some i knew, others were new - i learnt a few things about composition in food photography, sparked me to actually take a bit more time on processing my photos as well. I had a lovely afternoon of being in the company of like minded people - who like food and also like to share it. So thanks Billy!