Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013 the year that was

or rather the year that had to be.

2013 - would not be the year I'd like to relive again.

I'm sure like many others, my year has been bulleted by highlights and low lights.

But perhaps we just had a few too many appearances of perceived lowlights or significant life milestones in one year. 

It started out with moving house last Christmas, then losing a job, then losing a loved family member. 

Throw in the multiple surprise visits to the ER made for a memorable year.

Don't get me wrong, it definitely has been a year of growth and getting to know myself better, of deepening relationships,  of being inspired, of learning new things. I've seen my family blossom, as we have had time to engage with each other to which I am thankful.

Christmas was fantastic, the little man got into the spirit of it, and I'm happy to say that the boy is learning self control! Let's just say no presents that were not suppose to be opened before Christmas were opened. 

Hosting our first Christmas held minimal drama, everyone chipped in to help. And it was delightful to hang out with each other. There was definitely lots of merriment shared.

But like I said, one can not have too much change in a year, so I will certainly be glad for 2014 to come around! 

what about you, how was 2013? Was it a memorable year? Or are you looking forward to the clock ticking over to 2014?