Saturday, 2 November 2013

Five minute Friday - Grace

The last couple of weeks i have been looking forward to Friday nights and participating in Five minute Friday. The link has all the details if you want to join the fun!

This week's theme is Grace and here is my piece.

It has been a week in which grace has been abundantly supplied, even though underserved. In a week that goes by with so many different demands, our week was marked by an event that shakes one's life back in perspective.

I learnt as a child that grace is God's riches at Christ's expense. I relearnt it this week, as I came to know  and remember that in life it is not the things that matter, but that people do.

In that moment, the disagreements of the preceeding hours and days with my spouse fade into oblivion, i cannot even recall why they occurred. They are replaced with overwhelming love, with gentleness and concern.

Grace -  demonstrated to us by people around us, with offers to help in what ever way they could and for prayers on our behalf.

Grace - I saw it in action this week and am thankful that is in found in Christ.

Five Minute Friday

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