Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Out of control

Sometimes life gets out of control, you feel like you are gasping for air... the past few days were just that.

Aside from having family staying with us which meant for a busy household, Little Man seemed to have develop a mystery illness. 

It started on Sunday night, the Little Man developed a tummy ache that was so unbearable that he wakes screaming and writhing in pain. 

His cries were heart wrenching and the feeling of helplessness stings me to the core, as I watch him; trying to console the inconsolable boy.

With call to the healthdirect helpline, a course of action is determined. 

A visit to the local medical centre yielded an all clear for appendicitis however cause of pain remained unknown. The recommendation is that further investigation is required. 

We decide to try and manage his pain using the usual painkillers trusting that it will work. It doesn't and we soon discover that it will be a long night which eventuates in a early morning to the ER. 

Fortunately we are the only patient in peads, we are attended to quickly and a diagnosis is provided - inflamation of the lymph nodes in the stomach Mesenteric Lymphadenitis to be the likely course. There was a good chance that it settle by the end of the week.

Last night, I camped out in the Little Man's room, thankful for a decision made previously on buying him a trundle bed! And not having to sleep on the floor in his room!

It made it possible to to console him and settle him as he awoke through the night. It thankfully was a better night.

Today we emerged out of that sleepless fog, remarkably the boy has bounced back to life as though nothing had happened. 

Right now, I hold my breathe as this day draws to a close, praying that he sleeps tonight and that the pain goes away. Hopefully we have turned the corner.

I am so thankful for the helpline, we have used it a few times now and is such a valuable resource that we can freely access, especially helpful outside of business hours. 

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