Friday, 27 September 2013

the things kids say

Hanging out with my Sister in Law and Nephew with a trip to IKEA this week, gave me a chance to spend some time with my 10 yr old nephew.

We had never been shopping together before, so I was excited at the prospect of spending time with him this way.

As we wandered through the large showroom,  the conversation that my nephew had with his mother was enlightening as he pointed out bits of furnishing that would look good for their house, this would match with this etc...

So when I had my sights on a funky cushion cover, I half expected him to say something about the design of it. As I took a photo of the cushion cover, he said " are you taking a photo so that you can check it with your husband? ".

I was speechless..  how should I have responded? The things kids say.

Do you take photos to pre-check a purchase with your other half?

Back to the subject of the cushion what do you think? For a chocolate brown couch. Like?

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