Tuesday, 24 September 2013

the AhHA moment

It's been a over a week since the Problogger 2013 on the Gold Coast

My first blogging conference, with 2 days away from home; without the family; of learning with likeminded people- bloggers.

It was an event that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Over the two days - i learnt stuff, met some of my heroes and "friended" others.

My favourite session was Darren's which I wrote here last week but all the others were enlightening too! I had at least one takeaway from each session I attended.

Some of the highlights included:

Trey Ratcliff - shared such an inspirational story of his life that resonated with me. Trey is blind in one eye and picked up a camera about 7 years ago in his mid 30's. He has since gone on to have the #1 travel photography blog in the world. 
He was a humble guy, happy to share his remarkable story.  He shows that change and success is possible at any age!

Tsh Oxenrieder - the founder of Simple Mom in a session on reinvention spoke about when one should change. She recommended that we be students of ourselves, know ourselves ie our personality type as well as our passions, change is required when there is a disconnect between the our passions and what we are doing.

Claire Bowditch - another awesome speaker with a very cheeky personality. Claire asked that poignant question - "what did you want to be when you were a child"

It was funny to hear this, as I had met up with my life coaching friend earlier in the year and she had asked the same question as we discussed what my future looked like. 

And then in the closing session - Darren asked us - 

"What is your dream?"

This is when the AhHa moment came to me, that I love storytelling - in words and in pictures. As a child i loved books, and reading was a delight. But somewhere in adult hood this love disappeared.

To be honest - I have been trying to work out and remember what I wanted to be as a kid, and somehow the old brain cells could not unlock the memory.

I am so glad now to be able to answer that question. It has been haunting me for a while.

I am thankful for that the time away gave me space and time to learn, to reflect and to reframe.

The key things I learnt;

on blogging:
Share YOUR story - there is only one you!
Write in your own voice - is your online self a reflection of your offline self?

on Life:
Know yourself - what are you passionate about, know why you are blogging.
on goals - You just need to start and take steps towards it
Get offline, don't forget to live life!

Currently I am working on creating a clear picture of my dream.

In the interim this much I know, I need to clear out my workspace to get cracking on my goals. 

So what was your childhood ambition? What is your dream? What steps are you taking to achieve your goals?

Leaving you with another favourite quote!

PS If you are interested in more of highlights check out the official Problogger highlights post.