Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Nike tag line applies

It's been a while since i have created for me - what with moving house multiple times this year. Whilst it had been on my mind to actually to execute, it never happened. However in the last month, I had the urge and i took action. I actually created - making some cards, and actually gone on a photo shoot for myself. 

I felt a high after the photo shoot last friday, there was an excitement in creating that i had not experienced for a while and it was good.

It was good excitement! I loved it! 

I'm thinking that i should have more of these 'Just do it' events  in my life more often - scheduled in of course.
Nike Logo And Catchphrase
Sourced: from the internet

So anything that you have been just thinking about doing for awhile? Perhaps the nike tag line applies to you too - 'Just do it'.

Love to hear about your endeavours!

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