Thursday, 4 July 2013

Having 4 kids

This week, I spent a big portion of a day with three of my nieces - actually I was the designated adult for the day and showing my brother some love! 

Now we are a one child family - so having an extra 3 kids made the day busier than usual. Let's just say the house looked like a bomb after they left. 

Having the girls over did give me some perspective on having 4 kids; limited admittedly.

Firstly, if there is a reasonable age gap between the first and fourth child, the elder children can help with the younger ones. The two older girls who are 8 and 10 were troupers. They were really great with their baby sister who's the same age as Little Man.  They were comforted her when she was sad, held her hand as we walked to the park and generally looked after her. The older girls did also have time to do their own thing too!

Note that I did try to console baby sister when she was upset, but the adult in the room was no substitute for her Daddy!

Secondly, they all had someone to play with when they wanted. With one child, I generally find that I can have a very short amount of time before the 'Come play with me' call is made. The kids just kind of transitioned from one playmate to another with minimal fuss.

Thirdly, with four kids in the house, the kitchen is always busy, there always seems to be someone hungry!  

For me, the best thing about the day was Little Man and I got to hang out with my nieces and that was really cool! We got to spend time together and I got to know them better and that was really special!  Might just have to do it again!

I take my hat off to you with more than one child families! I don't know how you do it! 

I doubt that we'll have 4 in our family, but I guess I can always 'borrow' a child. 

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