Friday, 11 January 2013

little bird learning to fly

today my little man - began another chapter of his life... today my little man started daycare.

in the midst of all the changes that we've been having, he has coped remarkably well, at least mostly. 

Sure there have been tantrums - but he's two after all..

Our day began with a sleep in - bought on by a 430am wake up call, which meant some rushing to get ready. 

Thankfully, unlike most mornings little man's desire to comply was high.

It was with minimal fuss that breakfast was eaten. 

The next task to tackle was to get him dressed. Again for some reason there was greater ease to get this done. No distractions overtook his attention. 

We had been prepping him the last couple of weeks talking about going to daycare, so that he knew what was going on. 

We did a trial run to the center yesterday - which I think helped.

Our car trip on the way to the center was littered with  inevitable sightings of buses, trains, trucks - all which made a little boy very happy.

Within a minute of signing in, little man is off, he finds a puzzle and begins playing with it, and even refuses my attempts to help. 

From there there's no turning back, he happily says goodbye and heads off to further explore his new surrounds.

I think my heart skipped a beat, with the confidence of my little man, there 

were no tears, no cries of 'mummy don't go'. 

Speaking with the director of the center later in the afternoon, she remarks, 

that little man is so well settled it's like he has always been coming for years.

I am thankful for how quickly little man has embraced this new stage of life, my little bird is learning to fly.