Friday, 11 January 2013

52 portraits

The second week of 2013 is almost at an end, the new year just flew by.
Given the first couple of months of is year we are living out of of suitcase, there isn't really space for my craft supplies to travel with us

I do want to get started on project life and document our lives in 2013, but perhaps it's too large a commitment.... The jury is still out on this one.  

I am however committed to taking part in 52 a portrait a week - linking in with a new blog i discovered overnight che and fidel.  Am SO inspired by beautiful moments captured.

So am determined to make sure i have a little me time. Some photography will do me good. 

Mostly of the little man but maybe include a self portrait... Thinking of it definitely little man, not so sure about his maama.

So here's the first 1 of 52