Friday, 16 November 2012

12WBT - No more cake

Over the past few weeks, I had noticed that i had been puffing as i walked up flights of stairs on the way home from work. Not that i am carrying alot of extra weight, but i am definitely carrying extra weight.

Prior to Little man i had spent time regularly at the gym, despite not at goal weight i was fit. Today a different story - sleep deprived busy with work and juggling a household has meant less time to fit exercise in. Going back to work has meant being less active.

So i decided that it was time to make some changes, I signed up to participate in Michelle Bridges - 12 Weeks Body Transformation. 

The program started this week. I have taken all the requisite measurements. There is no going back now.

So what have i signed up for? A strict eating program and exercise regime.
Eating the cake below is out of the question now, and if i do it will have to be the only thing that i eat for a day or two...

My commitment to myself is to stick to the program for 12 weeks focused on eating well and excercising.

My goal to lose 5 kgs and  fit into some ill fitting clothes. Considering the upcoming Christmas festivities i will need to stay strong!!

Wish me well! I will need it particularly on the exercise front. Do keep me honest!


  1. I have been eyeing off this program myself recently, but have decided against it, at least until after Christmas.
    GoodLuck! :)

  2. A friend of mine is doing this, with good results, good luck:)

  3. 12 weeks that takes in Christmas and the new year is a big challenge, but also a great time of year to do it, considering that's when we overindulge the most. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes - going over christmas will definitely be a test of will power!

  5. Oh, good on you! I took part in the first season this year and thought it was great (though I was much less disciplined than I should've been). I have friends who are totally dedicated to it and they have truly undergone some amazing transformations.
    I hope you keep it up - it will be great!
    Ronnie xo