Sunday, 11 November 2012

Renovation Week 12

I had been planning to post a lot more about our renovations. Alas life has gotten in the way - mostly work and i had more interesting things to say about Little Man's antics.

But now back to the house - time has simply flown - and we have seen the it progress weekly.

The new section of the house has a roof, the insulation is in, we have windows's all beginning to take real shape..

Soon we'll have to be packed and move out..

But in the meantime we continue to shop for a fixture, a tap, tiles etc every weekend, and that is beginning to be somewhat tiresome. I never thought i'd ever get sick of shopping..

Ever tried shopping with a two year old and try to decide the color of a tile or a set of taps. Littleman has been a trouper, and some of the stores we have been to have been very tolerant. Particularly when Littleman went through  screaming at the highest pitch in his range. 

You can imagine that it was not very pleasant at all and most embarassing for his parents.

M and I eventually worked out that we were best to get someone to mind him on the weekend whilst we made our selections in a most efficient manner.