Saturday, 7 July 2012

Amused by pasta

yesterday i finally bit the bullet and made my first christmas toy layby after pouring at least a couple of hours studying the current toy sale catalogues. Either i am a cheapskate or just thrifty or as i'd like to think of it as being able to get the best (most) value for my money.  Surprisingly i can also confess that only one of the toys that i bought was for L, the rest were gifts for our families.

now in our home - L has loads and loads of toys. Ok so i am a large contributor of it and guilty of purchasing a significant amount of it (so i like to shop!), but he's also gotten a lot of handme downs too. 

Later in the afternoon, I was cooking dinner and L was really wanting to get involved. Instead of having to lift him up and allowing him to  stir the pot over the hot stove. I decided to pour him some uncooked dried pasta into a saucepan and gave him some plastic bowls and a wooden spoon. He sat there in the kitchen  , stirring the pasta, tipping it from big bowl to small bowl and back again for the next 20 minutes. And this resumed after dinner.

 And so it got me thinking that perhaps that he really does have too many toys and that maybe i should just buy him a packet of dried pasta for Christmas. Worth considering don't you think? or am i being cheap??