Friday, 1 July 2011

new experiences

M finished term 2 of uni - so we had planned to head north to QLD, however with the volcanic ash closing down sydney airport - our plans changed and we had a staycation instead.
We played tourist in Sydney and took L to a fancy restaurant - Bistro CBD in the city. I say fancy as the restaurant was filled with suits... the staff were good, but it really wasn't a kid friendly place, they did not offer to give us a high chair. L did eat well - he had roasted veges off a silver spoon - what more could one ask for. It's really nice now that he can eat most things that we can get out a bit more!

It was such a beautiful winter's day - the sun shining and blue skies - so we headed down to the Opera House, and then for a long stroll through the botanic gardens - hoping to lull the little man to sleep, but alas not to be...