Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tasmania break

Sharing some of the highlights from our trip to Tasmania last year.
We celebrated our wedding anniversary with a visit to Cradle Mountain.

If you have never been to the Apple Isle, you should try and visit. It is such a beautiful place, and the air is so clean and fresh. We hired a car to travel to Launceston and Cradle Mountain.

First stop Cradle Mountain. A note on micro climates, we did travel during Winter, while the weather in Launceston was clear - beautiful blue sky, crisp clean air and sunny day, we were not quite prepared for the "blizzard" that we hit in Middlesex Plains on route to Cradle Mountain.

The snow and rain was coming in so hard horizontally, the sky was dark and the landscape was so bleak. And yes it was snowing!
That night we stayed at Cradle Mountain Lodge. We had a lovely room - not great view but we didn't stay here for that. The bistro was good value and meals were nice.

The next morning we decided to hit the road and hike Dove Lake. We should have held off doing this till later in the morning as the weather cleared up a lot more, but we weren't to know that.. It was cold and an extremely interesting hike as around the lake we walked through different microclimates - including some rainforest. We had an excellent time trudging through the snow and walking in the rain.

In the evening after dinner - we headed off to a tassie devil sanctuary. It was cool to get up close and personal with these marsupials. We learnt some interesting facts about them and the dangers that they face at the moment.

The next day - we head off back to Launceston - on route we stop by some of the wineries in the Tamar Valley to find some very lovely pinot noirs. We are certainly expanding our palates.

After checking into our B&B - The Terrace - we head off to see Cataract Gorge - seems like a nice spot particularly with the sun around.

Final day - we cannot resist a visit to a winery - we have 30 minutes before we are due to the airport -- so we decide that we'd stop in at the Joseph Chromy winery. Now - this is our favourite winery in Launceston - the cellar door staff are charming and it's in a beautiful setting with a neat little restaurant! We unfortunately did not have time to indulge - but hope we can come here again!