Tuesday, 26 November 2013


With all the things that have been on,  and the assignments that I had left to complete, Sunday was it for me. I worked all night through to the morning.
I could have stopped, as there would have been time in class to complete it. However, adrenalin took over and I kept powering through and finished my assignment!

I am surprised that I held up pretty well through the day for my class, there were a few moments when the brain did not engage with the mouth, but all in all I got through the day.

The other thing was that I did not looked trashed at least no one mentioned it. Or is it because I already look like that from sleep deprivation in general? 

So last night I was tempted to skip Zumba again!
Thankfully or fortunately I didn't. I felt like I had to go, you see I usually drive a friend there, and I did feel bad that she'd miss out again for the second week in a row. So I dragged myself there. 

It was a good decision! An hour of moving my feet to the music, waving my hands in the air and jumping up and down was invigorating.
I was pumped and felt ALIVE ! Those endorphins really got me going, you know that moment when you feel so vibrant and full of life, that you can take on the World! 

Sometimes we do stuff we don't really feel like we want to do at the time because we say we're too tired or it's too hard, but it always yields far greater benefits than we can imagine. Last night was it! 

So today, I'm just going to do stuff I don't want to do and see what happens! 

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PS - I ordered the wine!

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