Thursday, 22 August 2013

My turn

A few months ago whilst we were living with friends,  M went on a boys holiday to see the HK sevens without LM and I 

As part of M's negotiation to go - was that I would get a leave pass away sometime this year.

So in a few weeks time, I am getting my turn. 

I am heading off on a short break by myself without the family. 
Somewhere exotic! or hopefully at least warmer than Sydney at the moment!

I am heading north of the border, to Problogger's Training event being held in the Gold Coast.

Not sure if I will have time to put my feet up and have a cocktail. 

But I am quite excited to attend my first blogging conference, learn a whole lot, meet some blogging friends IRL and make some new ones.

I did want to ask you some questions. I am looking to visit somewhere quintessential on the Gold Coast,  where should I go? I only have a few hours.

So will I be seeing you at Probloggers 2013? 

Any tips for a first time conference goer? 

What would you do if you got a leave pass from the family for a few days?