Tuesday, 30 July 2013

First week of 'School'

I survived the  first week of 'school'. It was not as scary as I thought it might be. 

I confessed to the better half the night before classes started that I was not sure if i was going to stick at this.

He said - "finish what you start", apparently I am not good at this finishing thing.. So I now I am even more determined to stick it out. Nothing like trying to prove someone else wrong to get the fire in the belly going!

I had flashbacks of when I went to university over 20 years ago. Everyone trying to find their feet and navigating the intricacies of an institution, making friends or not.

Most of my classmates are Gen Y'ers and some are teenagers - which makes me significantly OLDER than than ALL of them. 

Not that age has anything to do with learning, but it does impact how and what we learn.

So with a week of classes down- I am not feeling too overwhelmed just yet. The teachers have been great so far - really engaging  and really excited about what they are teaching. For that I am excited! How much difference an enthusiastic teacher can make! 

Here's one of the tasks completed this week is this. It's been a while since i've picked up a drawing pencil, so it was good to know and remember past skills learnt. Quite satisfying I must say!

Ever have a teacher inspire you? Remember doing shading drawings at school?