Friday, 28 June 2013

Time to smell the Roses?

It's been pouring here in Sydney the last few days, but the sun came out to play for part of the day yesterday 

As Little Man was at daycare, I decided to make the most of an appointment down in Manly and take some time out for myself and small the roses.

Obviously with the rain, the ocean swell has been quite impressive. Armed with my camera and iphone  I hit the beach. 

There certainly weren't too many beachgoers around as Manly beach was closed however the surfies were out in force, making the most of the large waves rolling in onto the shore.

I had a lovely time taking pics, bathing in the sunshine, feeling the sand between my toes and hearing the sound of the roaring waves crashing on the shore. I feel re-energised!

Have you taken any time for yourself to smell the roses lately? What would you do?