Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tea Anyone?

What do you get a group of women to do on a wet winters afternoon?
Have tea of course, a most civilised activity!

It was not without a purpose - a dear friend wanted to mark the occasion of a significant birthday, and so the plans were put into action to celebrate the event!

The said event was held at  Boronia Tea Room (formerly known as Boronia House) in Mosman.

An historic house now restored to it old glory and now serves high tea daily.
The glorious surrounds was a prefect spot for high tea.

So what was on the high tea menu? There were various options available including sparkling wine or champagne, all with T2 teas and delightful morsels both sweet and savoury served on 3 tier trays. They even have a little ladies tea menu - so cute!

 I have to say that my favourites which were sweet of course were the lemon meringue tarts, - the tangy lemon curd was delicious! It was closely followed by the lemonade scones!

We had a fabulous afternoon of food and conversation. What a great way to celebrate and hang out with friends!

Have you been out with friends recently? 
What's a must sweet or savoury on your 3 tiered plate?

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Steph x