Friday, 15 March 2013

for fitness and health

A week ago, a followup visit to the GP was required. I recently had some blood work done and the results weren't bad but weren't good either, particularly in the blood sugar tests.

The ensuing discussion that followed was that i needed to get this reading down, and i have 12 weeks to do it, or else medication will have to be used.

This has really put a fire under me!

Late last year, I tried the 12 week body transformation program but i was an overwelming flop. I started well but finished badly.

Today, i had an appointment with the dietician that my GP recommended. I now have an action plan.

Limit calorie intake, keep a food diary and exercise!  sounds easy doesn't it!

I have signed up on to help do all the tracking. 
Check it out

I am off to get a pedometer to keep myself honest! 

There is no guarantee that even if i stick to the program that it will achieve my goal of getting my blood sugars controlled, but i need to try. 

Is there anything that has worked well for you, that would help me on my journey to fitness and better health?