Friday, 25 January 2013

the tongue

a sharp instrument used especially when provoked, more so if it is someone you love.

An interaction with DH overnight proved this to be the case. This is certainly not a one off occurrence.

My thinking is because we love to be right that our pride provokes us to protect our self worth, them attacking words make us feel big and powerful. 

Yes they do, but only for a moment until we realise that what's said isn't really what we mean, rather it's just what the brain is processing but not necessarily the what we do want to say.  Once said  - it can never be taken back. And if we'd spent that extra 30 seconds to process what is being said - it's likely that those words would never have been blurted out.

It's rapidly followed by deep regret. Reeling over the hurtful words that i had inflicted, apologies flow. The damage is done. 

Really i knew this was going to happen - so why did i do it?