Friday, 21 December 2012

Life moments

life is full of milestones - moments that warm our hearts. 

This week we had such a milestone, we celebrated Little Man's Gotcha Day - the day we first picked up our little baby from the nursery and brought him home to be his sole carers.

The day we became a family of three.

I recall that day like it was yesterday -  from the anticipation of the night before, to being driven to the nursery. To meeting our little boy face to face.

The little baby boy, with long thick black hair and a big smile. The nurses at the nursery said he was a happy baby. And we knew no different. 

Our first week together - filled with discovery as new parents and child.
Learning his routine, learning that he loved baths!
How quickly time has flown, the little baby now a big boy. He's even more cheeky, and at times stubborn. 

But when he smiles, no matter what is done he seems to get away with it.

Our journey to him is one that was marked by many obstacles and heartbreak, yet these just seem insignificant and just a distant memory.

We have been so very blessed with him! Thankful for the journey that brought us together, thankful for infertility and for the process of adoption.

We cannot imagine life without this cheeky monkey! He truly is my joy!

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