Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ready or not?

i recall this blog i read a few years ago and an image of it sticks with me today. indulge me by closing your eyes and picturing this in your mind.. 

an egg carton  containing only one egg with a question mark written on it.
it was an article about fertility

today i had an appointment with my gynaecologist, whom i had not seen for a few years. With the details i had what he simply described as simple glandular hyperplasia, and the treatment suggested was the use of an IUD - which would be a foolproof contraceptive and also manage the issues that i have been having.

perhaps, the optimist in me still thinks that we might still have a miracle baby given our infertility, but it hit me today that maybe i am foolish to even think that.

perhaps it really is time to close that chapter, whether i am ready or not...